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Starting up your Labour Party website – the offer

March 20, 2011

I am a longstanding  Labour Party member who has provided various friends with independent websites for their Labour Party campaigns.  Perhaps I can help you as well?

The Labour Party websites I’ve developed typically include usual information such as:

* Welcome, Contact, About, News etc , plus

*  social networking (Twitter, Facebook, Links….  I can begin to connect up your Twitter and other networks, for you to carry on) and

*  local photographs, biogs and photos (as provided) of you and your MP, campaigning group, supporters  or what /whoever else.

This is an entirely private, unendorsed proposition, but I am willing, as a Labour Party member, to set up such website arrangements very inexpensively for a further FIVE Labour Party members in the run-up to the forthcoming elections.

A sort-of First Five Past the Post for Labour Party websites, if you like!  After that (in both cases), we shall have to see…

The cost for each of the five websites I propose is £60 fee to me to (not, realistically) cover my time – plus, if you can possibly please manage this, a £20 (minimum;  or more, say £40, especially if you win!) directly paid donation to WaterAid.

Any further pay-out real costs would be met by you, but generally there need not be any unless you have special requirements.  Obviously, I can accept no liability of any sort for any websites, camapigns or anything else, but you (or your Agent, if /when you have one) can check for yourself to make sure, and confirm to me, that everything about the website is as it should be.

I will normally endeavour to deliver a functioning website within three days of us agreeing this (just £20 deposit).  I will also as part of the service provide basic email support for the first month as you get going, and one half-hour phone discussion in that time period, if you want to call me by arrangement.

To explore this limited very low-cost offer further, please email me here as soon as you can.

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  1. March 20, 2011 6:00 pm


    Further to the above, I work for Dundee Uni’s UNESCO Water Centre and we had a big celebration (ongoing) of World Water Day; see

    daniel gilbert

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