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What’s a website for?

April 9, 2011

Perhaps it’s obvious, but… your website ensures that you are the first point of reference when people want to know who / what you ‘are’ .

If you keep the website just reasonably active and up-to-date it will soon be the place to which anyone searching on the web will be first directed, when they go to Google or any other search engine.

Why let other postings on the World Wide Web (www) tell people about you and your group or organisation, when you can yourself easily be the reference point for your identity?

Your name (if Labour Party election candidate), or the name of your group, ward or whatever (if you’re seeking supporters and members) is your ‘marketing’ brand.  You need very consciously both to protect and to promote these.

Plus, when enquirers are directed immediately to your own website, they can contact you direct, there and then… always a big bonus when you want to know more about who holds what opinions about the issues of the day.  And even more important when you are campaigning and looking for more supporters / members to join you.

If you don’t explain what it’s all about, someone else is likely to do it for you.

You really do need your own website!

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