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Content for your Labour Party website

April 11, 2011

What next to put on your website, once it’s up and running?

Initially, as we help you get started, you will most likely want:

* a Contact page, with email, maybe a dedicated mobile number, plus Facebook and Twitter (etc) info – and of course the name of the key person to get in touch with
* an About page, which reiterates some of the contact info, and explains why the website has been created, and for whom
* a Biog page, explaining the virtues, experience and other relevant attributes of your campaign’s candidate(s) and key people (plus, again, their email or mobile  contact info, at least)

Then, once we have fully established your website, you will probably also want a News page and probably a bit more too:

* News items, perhaps including restatement of the stories and views also published in local leaflets, and reporting on / responding to local media stories etc

* other local Issues which you have identified for discussion – seeking responses (Comments) from readers, and encouraging debate and engagement in a friendly and supportive way

* Reports of the bigger picture, e.g. Labour Party policy nationally, reports from your local Labour MP (or parliamentary candidate), analysis of opponents’ positions or whatever else seems most appropriate to your campaign

* any ideas you want to share with the general public about how sympathetic readers of the website might like to get more involved in your Ward activities, group or whatever

and of course pictures (always carry a digital camera with you!), plus perhaps surveys of local opinion / priorities and the like.

But these are only my ideas; you may have other views on what’s the best content for local Labour websites.

The Comments box below is yours to share your experience and advice…..

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