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Why have a blog?

June 20, 2011

Blogging is a really good way to communicate and meet many more people you can share ideas and do business with. You can fit it in whenever best suits your own schedule and other commitments, and it can be very enjoyable.

What are we waiting for?  Here are half a dozen reasons which spring to mind immediately about why to have a Labour Party website as soon as you can get one up and running:

* Blogging’s easy:
Yes, it is a bit daunting when you first start, but you’ll soon get used to it. If you can do email, you can blog (and anyway, people like us at LWConnect will help you).

* Blogging connects:
Blog writing on its own is only half the job. You have to know also how to attract interest in what you’re saying – Facebook, Twitter and other social media must be connected into your website (again, help is easily to hand at every stage).

* Blogging gets the word out:
Blogging is a great way for small groups and wards on tiny (or zero) budgets to get the word out at virtually no cost. You could even just use your blog to begin with as a quick Intro to what you do, with a ‘diary’ or news element to flesh things out if you wanted. But don’t forget to make sure your contact info is up-to-date!

* Blogging helps ideas to flow:
You’ll start off feeling perhaps a bit unsure, but the ideas will soon begin to flow; and then you can sort them into different types of approach for whatever you’re discussing, promoting or developing (blogging is great for clarifying your thoughts, as well as for guiding others to see what you want to tell them).

* Blogging tells you who’s responding to what:
Whether you’re running a campaign or simply promoting your ideas, the blog Stats (and people’s Comments) will help you to see what others are also interested in, what’s working and what you maybe need to rethink a bit in terms of approach. (In a way, this is when your readership begins to segment itself; but the advantage is you can watch that happening and help to guide the process.)

* Blogging is low-cost:
Getting a website / blog going is not at all a big expense; plus, once it’s been constructed (which can be quite quickly) there are plenty of providers – such as the ones used here by LWConnect – who don’t charge a penny for ‘hosting’ the blog itself. No continuing financial commitment or overheads….

* But don’t stop there:
And finally, one really important thing is to keep up with your blogs, especially early on. Content should be added as often as possible. But that need to explore ideas is actually why it’s not just work; it should be fun as well.

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